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Our client favorite

Maid to Clean

  • One-Time Maid to Clean
  • 22,50
    starting rates per hour
    • Incidental cleaning
    • Same week cleaning
    • (Airbnb) Short/Longstay cleaning
    • 3 hour minimum
  • Maid to Clean
  • 19,50
    starting rates per hour
    • (Bi-)Weekly cleaning
    • Reccuring cleaning
    • 2,5 hour minimum
    • Can be canceled monthly
  • Last-Minute Maid to Clean
  • 30,00
    starting rates per hour
    • Incidental cleaning
    • Same/Next day cleaning
    • (Airbnb) Short/Longstay cleaning
    • 3 hour minimum
Maid in Full

What we can do for you

We are a home & business service-provider facilitating company with national coverage that is supportive and modular in construction. This allows you, as an applicant, to personalize your wishes regarding your services in and around your home and/or business. We facilitate in a large variety of services such as; personal/virtual assistants, interior care and maintenance, child-care, senior-care, private cooks, handymen, just to name a few, but also beauty and wellness from home (hair, nails and make-up), personal trainers and many more other at home services. We can provide in almost all your wishes when it comes to your own personal facility services from the comfort of your own home.

Home services

Such as: Handy/Repairmen, Plumbers, Movers, Garden maintenance, Carpenters, Window-Cleaners, Interior Stylists, Various cleaning services, Pest Control, Storage Spaces, Various installation specialists

Family care & support

Such as: Babysitters, Au pairs, Nannies, Elderly support, Dog-walkers, Pet-sitters, Private cooks, Shopping-service, Personal assistants, Laundry-service, Tutors & Study guidance at home

Fitness & Health

Such as: Personal trainers; Outdoor trainers, Yoga teachers, Nutritional advisers, Balance coaching (vitality, mindfulness), (Sports) Massages

Beauty & Wellness

Such as: Mani- & Pedicures, Hair & Make-up, Lashes & Brows, Relaxation & Therapeutic massages, Lypo-massage, Skin treatments

Why our clients recommend us

Maid in Full is composed of sharp, driven and dedicated people who care about the work and the relationships we build with our clients. Our team of people become a valuable extension of our clients homes and families. As a result of our hands on and personal approach, our people are one of the main reasons why our clients would recommend Maid Full to others.

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Various services from the comfort of your own home

Our clients are our family, we do everything with devotion and care.

Prices starting from €15,90 per hour, contact us for more information

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What our clients are saying…

Huishoudelijke hulp in Heerhugowaard

Ik ben super te vreden! Maid in Full heeft mij erg snel aan een Maid geholpen. Alles verliep geweldig. Fijn contact, netjes, vertrouwd en professioneel. Echt een aanrader!!!

Ruben uit Heerhugowaard


Vriendelijke, nette schoonmaak. We zijn erg tevreden en weten zeker dat we voorlopig uit de problemen zijn. Dankjewel.

Lia uit Amsterdam

Diverse diensten aan huis

Snel gereageerd op de mail. Bij ziekte is er vervanging. Het werk wordt goed uitgevoerd. Vragen altijd of ik iets speciaal schoongemaakt wil hebben. Ben zeer tevreden! Een aanrader dus.

Mirjan uit Kortenhoef
Pedagogisch Medewerker

Huishoudelijke hulp

Wat mij direct opviel bij het zoeken naar huishoudelijk- en persoonlijke ondersteuning is de zorgvuldige presentatie van het bedrijf en de verschillende diensten die MiF biedt ten opzichte van de rest. De prijsstelling is goed, de communicatie is prettig en duidelijk, de facturering is professioneel en online af te handelen. De ondersteuning die ik krijg in huis is goed, je ziet de ervaring en routine. Prima!

Patrick uit Rotterdam

Wekelijkse schoonmaak privéwoning en vergaderruimte -Utrecht

Perfecte service. Maid in full heeft op zeer korte termijn een professionele maid gevonden. Fijne communicatie.

Petra uit Utrecht
Interior styliste

Our Partners

Management, maintenance & hospitality

Short & Longstay

Maid in Full’s (Airbnb) Maid Management Service offers you the solution for you and your guests including the management of your advertisement, guest screening: Check-in of your guests. The maintenance and upkeep: Cleaning your apartment/house, laundry and handyman-service. And hospitality: Shopping-, babysitting-, breakfast- and taxi-service. Because our services are supportive and modular in structure, you can customize your services to best fit all your (guest) wishes and needs.

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